Day One / Day Two

March 12, 09:45—10:00


Introduction to 3DCS 2014

Adam May & Carrie Wootten


March 12, 09:30—13:00

Blue Room

Research Strand 2014

Dr Lizzie Jackson


March 12 10:00 — 10:45


Pixar: Adventures in 3D

Josh Hollander

Join Pixar's Josh Hollander as we celebrate the remarkable series of animated classics brought to life in fantastic 3D, including UP, The Toy Story Trilogy, Brave and Monsters University through to the amazing reimagining of Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc and The Incredibles.



Push Your Art

Josephine DeRobe, Gallien Chanalet-Quercy

In a first for UK audiences, join Josephine DeRobe and Gallien Chanalet-Quercy in an exclusive presentation of highlights from Paris' Palais de Tokyo's amazing 3D Art Contest.

 March 12 11:00 — 11:45


BBC Enchanted Kingdom

Myles Connolly, Neil Nightingale, Patrick Morris
hosted by Patrick Dane

A 3 year African Epic captured in 3D as you've never witnessed before. Producer Myles Connolly and Directors Neil Nightingale and Patrick Morris will take you through the challenges and triumphs on the journey to bring this unforgettable film to the big screen.



3D Cinema: Are We There Yet?

Phil Clapp, Charlotte Jones, Neil Marshall

Phil Clapp, Chief Executive of the Cinema Exhibitors Association, hosts an in depth conversation on 3D in the cinemas today, joined by Charlotte Jones from IHS and Warner Bros' Neil Marshall. With a record number of 3D films being released in 2014, the panel asks if the format has finally reached a level of acceptance with audiences, and what are the Exhibition and Distribution lessons a worldwide box office success like Gravity provides.

 March 12 12:00 — 12:45



Chris Parks  
hosted by Jason Solomons

Hailed as a true game changer, Gravity achieved universal praise for it's brilliant 3D en route to award success. Stereo Supervisor and winner of the I3DS Award for Best Stereography Chris Parks delivers the one of the Summit's big highlights as he shares his exclusive processes and thought on using 3D in Gravity to such an breath taking effect.



3D Live Broadcasting

Robin Broomfield, Andy Finn

Sky3D's head of Operations Robin Broomfield and Director Andy Finn reflect on a bumper year for 3D Broadcast. With the technical challenges of 3D OB overcome, the Sky3D team have continued to excel in sport with football, boxing, darts through to live entertainment television.

 March 12 13:00 — 13:30


The Amazing History of 3D

Ian Christie, Buzz Hays

The Summit is honoured to be able to invite film historian Ian Christie and 3D guru Buzz Hays to join us to enjoy rare and obscure work from the pioneers of 3D. For the first time in over 60 years, Ian will screen Norman McLaren's BFI funded Festival of Britain 3D Shorts. And Buzz brings us 1953's Three Stooges in 3D. Not to be missed.



Vatican Museums 3D

Cosetta Lagani

For the first time, Sky Italia have taken 3D / 4K cameras into one of the world’s most sacred sites. Join Sky Italia’s Cosetta Lagani with an extended clip of the stunning project and learn more about the shoot within the Sistine Chapel and featuring some of the history’s most rare and precious works.

 March 12 14:00 — 15:15


The Young and Prodigious TS Spivet

Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Demetri Portelli
hosted by Jason Solomons

For the first time to UK audiences – get an exclusive preview of the next 3D modern classic with legendary Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet (Amelie). He is joined by stereographer Demetri Portelli (Hugo) in extended session to present the spectacular TS Spivet.

 March 12 14:00 — 14:45


BFI Film Academy

VividEcho, BFI Film Academy.

Learn how to make 3D content on a tight budget and in one weekend with VividEcho and their students from the British Film Institute’s Film Academy.

 March 12 15:00 — 15:45


The Future of Autostereo 3DTV

Dolby3D & Stream TV

As the promise of glasses-free 3DTV becomes a reality, join Dolby3D's Csilla Andersen and Stream TV's Mathu Rajan as we explore the technology spear-heading 3D home entertainment and discuss what content works best on this new platform.

 March 12 15:30 — 17:00


Brian May's Diableries

Dr Brian May, Paula Fleming, Denis Pellerin

A devilish 1860's sensation and the result of half a lifetime's passionate study to reassemble and present to 21st Century audiences. Dr Brian May, photohistorian Denis Pellerin, and former photo archivist of the Smithsonian Institute Paula Fleming, take you on the unbelievable international journey to reunite the 180 extremely rare Stereograph Scenes and unearth their funny, satirical and riotously inventive secrets for the first time.

 March 12 16:00 — 16:45


Legend 3D — Man of Steel

Jared Sandrew
hosted by Patrick Dane

Legend3D Stereo Supervisor Jared Sandrew takes us behind the magic of the WB summer blockbuster Man of Steel and demonstrates how 3D Post Conversion is becoming more sophisticated and engaging than ever.

 March 12 17:30 —

Blue Room

Networking Drinks