Day One / Day Two

March 13, 09:30—10:00


International 3D & Advanced Imaging Society

Jim Chabin

I3D&AI Society President Jim Chabin presents a global view of how 3D is being produced and received by audiences. From a success stories in China and Russia, to a change of emphasis within the US and UK, Jim will discuss the true state of 3D worldwide, and the promise of glasses free 3D in the home to come.

March 13, 09:30—13:00

Blue Room

Producer's Lab 2014


The ‘3D Producers Lab’ will equip producers with the knowledge and skills to produce content in 3D. Working with the experts, this Lab will support producers to develop their understanding of delivering 3D projects through several key workshops.

March 13, 10:00—10:45


3D & Sound Design: The Hobbit

Meetal Gokul, Gilbert Lake

Park Road Post's Meetal Gokul and sound designer Gilbert Lake discuss how Dolby Atmos is changing the marriage between 3D and sound. As the new cinema audio standard is introduced to more screens worldwide, productions are finding innovative ways to seamlessly bring these two elements together and giving audiences a true immersive experience.



3D and the UK Industry

Adrian Wootton, Dan Simmons, Adam May

Following the success of Gravity’s success at the BAFTA’s as Best British Film, Chief Executive of Film London and the British Film Commission Adrian Wootten, Creative Skillset's Dan Simmons, and Vision3’s  Adam May discuss the UK's role at the centre of 3D film production of Hollywood Blockbusters – and what this means for British Indies.

March 13, 11:00—11:45


BBC — Hidden Kingdom

Mark Brownlow, Phil Streather
hosted by Patrick Dane

BBC Earth's Mark Brownlow and 3D Producer Phil Streather present this remarkable 3D natural history special, that employs the latest technology to take audiences up close to Earth's smallest inhabitants. Find out more about the technical challenges the BBC faced in producing this innovative and unique project.



Prime Focus — Gravity

Matthew Bristowe

Prime Focus World’s Matthew Bristowe presents a showcase detailing the award-winning stereo conversion work that went into ‘Gravity’.

Matthew will talk about why the filmmakers chose to convert sections of the movie, how Prime Focus World worked with Framestore to integrate the converted live action sequences and stereo rendered CG, and give his thoughts on the legacy of a film that has pushed the boundaries of stereo 3D filmmaking.

March 13 12:00 — 12:45


Wim Wenders’ Cathedrals of Culture

Josephine DeRobe
hosted by Wendy Mitchell

After the huge success of Pina, Wim Wenders has returned to 3D with this captivating 6 part series, capturing landmark structures in a never before seen way. Stereographer Josephine DeRobe discussing her creative relationship with Wenders, and how this project again redefines our understanding of 3D in entertainment.



Pandas 3D

Caroline Hawkins, Richard Mills

Oxford Scientific Films’ Caroline Hawkins and Onsight’s Richard Mills discuss this fascinating natural history special, filmed in challenging locations and on a limited budget. Pandas 3D utilised clever planning and genuine innovation to deliver an amazing up close experience for made for multiple delivery formats from giant screen to TV.

 March 13 13:00 — 13:30



Steve Schklair
hosted by Patrick Dane

Released in October and soon becoming Russia highest grossing film, Stalingrad is an epic on an unimaginable scale. Join 3ality CEO and 3D Producer Steve Schklair to explore the film's jaw dropping action and discuss how new projects continue to push the boundaries in shooting 3D natively.



AeroCine: 3D Takes Flight

Jason Goodman

Jason Goodman of 21st Century 3D will introduce AeroCine a new micro aerial cinematography company that is the first in the world to fly stereoscopic RED EPIC cameras.  The world's most powerful micro hexacopter enables 3D production techniques and capabilities previously impossible to achieve.  This session will include details on the latest technology in unmanned aviation for cinematography and will include exciting 3D samples.

March 13, 14:00—14:45


James Cameron

hosted by Carolyn Giardina

In an exclusive recorded interview for the 3D Creative Summit, James Cameron reflects on 3D's journey since the sensational release of Avatar, and his thoughts on what the future holds. Cameron shares experiences filming the Deep Sea Challenge, and discusses his continuing drive to push the limits of 3D.

March 13, 14:00—17:00

Blue Room

Producer's Lab 2014


The ‘3D Producers Lab’ will equip producers with the knowledge and skills to produce content in 3D. Working with the experts, this Lab will support producers to develop their understanding of delivering 3D projects through several key workshops.

March 13, 15:00—15:45


David Attenborough's 3D Journey

Anthony Geffen

From the BAFTA awarding winning ‘Flying Monsters’, through to his latest remarkable film ‘Natural History Museum Alive’, David Attenborough’s pioneering 3D features (with Atlantic Productions and Sky) has taken audiences on an unimaginable journey from the beginnings of time, through the mysteries of Galapagos, and face to face with our planet’s smallest creatures. Atlantic Productions' Anthony Geffen traces incredible challenges that he and David have overcome and discoveries made in the pursuit of their quest to take audiences closer to nature than ever before. And as he prepares to embark on his next exciting 3D film, David Attenborough reflects on his 3D journey with a special pre-recorded interview.




Florian Maier

Stereotec founder and CEO Florian Maier presents a case study of the Russian Box Office smash, which in late January recorded the highest ever opening for a Russian film. Florian explores the varierty of techniques employed and incredible challenges faced head-on, in bringing the gothic horror classic to the screen in 3D.

March 13, 16:00—16:45


D-Day: Normandy 1944 - Premiere Screening

Sylvain Grain


Blending multiple cinematographic techniques, including animation, CGI and stunning live-action images, “D-Day 3D: Normandy 1944” brings this monumental event to the world’s largest screens for the first time ever. Sylvian Grain, Executive Producer and President of UP3D, exclusively presents this remarkable film for the 3D Creative Summit, ahead of the IMAX premiere in April.



Independent 3D

Catherine Owens, Jason Goodman, Simon Craddock

Exploring independent and short form 3D projects, U23D Director Catherine Owens, ONSIGHT CEO Simon Craddock and 21st Century 3D's Jason Goodman talk about shooting great 3D on limited budgets but big ideas, and how new methods of distribution could lead to more grass roots 3D productions.

March 13, 17:30—19:00


Flight of the Butterflies: IMAX Screening

Mike Slee, Myles Connolly

An exclusive IMAX screening of the incredible Flight of the Butterflies followed by Q&A with the film’s Director Mike Slee and Producer Myles Connolly. At the nearby BFI IMAX, all delegates of the Summit are invited to join us for the fitting finale - an award winning, stunning and mind blowing Natural History landmark film - plotting the sensational real-life mystery surrounding the cross-American journey of the Monarch butterfly.